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Medicinal poppy capsule decoction pieces

Major Functions:

Other names: Pericarpium Papaveris,poppy chaff, poppy pod, poppy head, Yandoudou (Chinese Pinyin)

Nature, flavor and therapeutic effects: It is mild, sour and astringent, astringes lung for relieving cough and restrains intestine to stop diarrhea and analgesic. It is effective to cure chronic cough, prolonged diarrhea and dysentery, anal prolapse, hematochezia, abdominal, muscle and  bone pains, spermatorrhea, polyuria and leucorrhea.

①According to Medical Origins, it reinforces the vital energy or vital Qi. 

②According to Southern Yunnan Materia Medica: it astringes lung Qi and stops coughing, blood under the large intestine, prolonged diarrhea and dysentery. 

③According to Compendium of Materia Medica, it stops diarrhea and dysentery, cures anal prolapse, spermatorrhea and chronic cough, astringes lungs and restrains intestines, and stops abdominal, muscle and bone pains.

④According to Ben Jing Feng Yuan, the poppy capsule stir-frying with honey can stop coughing, stir-frying with vinegar can stop dysentery. 

⑤According to New Compilation of Materia Medica, it strengthens the kidney and cures spermatorrhea.

⑥According to Modern Practical Traditional Chinese Medicines, it is applied to chronic debilitating diarrhea, intestinal bleeding, anal prolapse, abdominal pain caused by anemia and contracture,lumbago and leucorrhea. It is also used for  symptoms like chronic cough, pulmonary tuberculosis, hemoptysis and wheezing.

PAKP is the only designated processing enterprise authorized to process medicinal poppy capsule decoction pieces in China.