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Gansu Puankang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.(PAKP), subordinated to Gansu State Farms Group, is the only modern comprehensive food and drug enterprise producing and selling medicinal poppy products in China. In accordance with the principles of unified acquisition, production, sales, brand and quality, the corporation specializes in distributing medicinal poppy capsule, exporting inactivated poppy seeds, as well as producing and selling poppy oil of Gansu State Farms Group.

PAKP was founded in October 2015 on Kunlun Mountain Avenue, Lanzhou New Area, which is the fifth national new area in China. It has a registered capital of 30 million yuan and a total investment of 150 million yuan, covers an area of 113 mu and has 120 employees, including 40 professional technicians.

PAKP has two advanced production lines of poppy capsule decoction pieces, which satisfies the market supply of poppy capsule decoction pieces in China; a production line of selected inactivated poppy seeds, mainly exported to Europe, Central Asia, India, etc.; a cold pressing and refining production line and two filling lines of poppy oil, monopolizing the market with its uniqueness and scarcity.

PAKP owns professional R & D and technical personnel and has built a modern testing lab with complete sets and first-class equipment, which has realized the standard, automatic and information-based management. It has successively obtained the drug production license, GMP certificate and food production license, becoming the first food and drug corporation in Gansu that has passed the BRCGS and IFS European dual system certification and QEOFH five system certification. It has successively won the honorary titles of advanced group of drug control in Lanzhou New Area and advanced unit of Gansu State Farms Group.

With long-term strategic planning and farseeing decision-making, PAKP has kept on researching and developing novel food and drugs, and explored the market with scientific operation and standard management, resulting in improved core competitiveness and rapid development of the corporation. It holds the corporate philosophy of "benefiting all and bringing good health to all families", and is committed to the vigorous development of special drugs in China.